• Healthy Kids Survey

    All schools are required to take part in the Health Kids Survey.  Typically, the survey addresses students from 3rd grade through 9th and 11th (not 10th or 12th).  The survey is run by WestEd, an education consulting company, together with the state department of education (CDE).  The information from the survey comes back to the school as a 'school climate snapshot'.

    About the survey:

    The survey is anonymous.  No specific identifying information, aside from grade level, is collected.  The survey does deal with some difficult topics, such as drugs, alcohol, bullying, cyber-bullying,  which is why the survey is anonymous.  The producers hope that students will answer honestly (anonymously), which gives the school and district a good idea of how students feel about their school.

    • This is an anonymous survey.  It is designed so that no one can be identified from the data.  Students do not have to respond to any questions that they feel could be used to identify them.  Instruct them to simply skip any such questions.
    • All questions apply to this school only.
    • The results are for the use of the district.  CDE and WestEd will preserve data confidentiality and refer any data requests to the district.

    Passive Consent Form

    Past Healthy Kids Survey Results