Alternative Energy and Sustainable Agriculture
    A California Partnership Academy
    Cultivating a Sustainable Future

    Welcome to “AESA”.

    In December of 2011, Upper Lake High School was awarded a California Partnership Academy Grant.  Our school is one of 21 in the entire State to have such a program.  Currently the academy is in its third year.   Our coordinator is Mrs. Erica Boomer who oversees specific areas in the program.  

    The main focus of the academy is to educate students in preparation for post-secondary options, that being a career choice or college in either of these two areas.  Courses will be designed to provide students with hands-on activities, field trips, and real life challenges as they pertain to the main focus of the academy as well as a clean environment.  Incoming freshmen will also have a choice in taking either Agricultural Science and/or Earth Science.  Each of these courses will prepare students for additional courses their sophomore year and beyond that are specific to the academy.  Students will progress through all four years in courses that will be designed to support students for post secondary choices.  Over the next four years, the High School will work with local businesses, the community college and anyone interested in the development of the academy. 

    This is an exciting time for us, and we hope that many of you will become involved in this wonderful program. 

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