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School Opening Date - Final Update

Thursday, August 16, 2018


Hello ULUSD students, staff, families and community members.

Here is an update of current status and the plan for the next few days.

In last six days, Servpro and Air Water Sciences worked side by side cleaning and certifying the cleanup of every room on our campuses.  Last night, High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) air scrubbers where installed in each classroom in addition to all the air scrubbers that have been installed in all our offices, staff rooms, etc. These scrubbers circulate/filter the air in a room at a rate of 3 times per hour. The air scrubbers will remain in the rooms until air quality in Upper Lake returns to normal.

The district evaluated all data that was presented by certificated and classified employees and the community.  We studied the options and their outcomes on our students, staff and parents.  We examined the impact as they relate to instructional minutes/days lost and  possible waiver to be granted from the California Department of  Education (CDE).  We analyzed the fiscal/financial impact in case of waiver denial & Average Daily Attendance (ADA) drop before the P2 data collection cycle. We reviewed potential Special Education compliance timelines and the adverse outcome for not meeting them. In addition, we addressed  midyear vacations and holidays and the multiple shifts that will affect payroll for 20% of our employees.

After careful review, the district concluded that opening the school on the 22nd of August will be in the best interest of our students, staff, parents and community.  We understand that in some unique situations some students, parents and teachers might have some undue burden and will need some accommodation in the first few days.  The district will work with them individually to address and support their needs.  This is the time for us, "ULUSD", to perform to the high standard of "#UpperLakeStrong". We will come together and support each other and focus on the ones who need it most.

Our staff prides itself on integrity, commitment and dedication. Our students, families and community are counting on us to continue their healing process.  We thank you for your hard work and your strong will to make our opening day a healing transition to normalcy for our students, staff and community.



Giovanni H. Annous, Ed.D.
Superintendent, Upper Lake Unified School District

Ron Rosser